Sleeping Battery Duopack

Sleeping Battery is sold in a duo pack as standard. This allows you to secure the master key and the spare key.

For 94,99 (VAT included)

The advantages for you at a glance:


Sleeping Battery is a patented product in which the technology is incorporated into the battery. This makes the battery look exactly like your normal battery and fits exactly in your existing key. You will not notice anything in daily use.


Sleeping Battery has passed all Kiwa/SCM tests for vehicle security with flying colours. So you buy a quality product that is safe and effective.


Sleeping Battery is very easy to install. You just need to replace the normal battery for Sleeping Battery and your car is secured.

100% secured

The built-in motion sensor puts the key in sleep mode after 3 minutes without movement. As a result, the key no longer sends a signal. Communication with the vehicle is interrupted and your car is 100% protected against Relay Attack.

What is a Kiwa SCM certificate?

SCM stands for Motor Vehicle Security Certification Foundation. You will receive a certificate if your vehicle has an approved security system. This is then registered in the SCM database.

As a result, it is always possible for an insurance company to find out whether your vehicle has a certificate.

Are you looking for SCM certification for your car? Then buy Sleeping Battery from a recognized Kiwa/SCM installation station and have the battery installed there. You will immediately receive a certificate for your vehicle.

Simple and efficient

My key in a can (which I often forgot) is no longer needed. Sleeping Battery is a simple but very efficient solution!

John, Netherlands

Good initiative, keep thieves out of your car

Easy to install and it gives a nice feeling that my car is well secured.

Andrew, Netherlands

Great product!

I am very satisfied with Sleeping Battery. I don't notice anything in the daily use of my car key.

Edwin, Netherlands