Your car can be stolen in seconds !

Relay attack is a form of keyless car theft. Criminals bypass the keyless entry security by extending the signal of the car key from inside the home. This happens silently and very quickly.

Automobile associations, insurance companies and many other car experts warn of safety problems in cars with a Keyless Entry system. Thousands of cars are stolen by Relay Attack every year and this type of Keyless Entry theft is increasing daily.

Protect your car against Keyless Entry theft!

This smart battery has a built-in motion sensor, which puts the car key into sleep mode after 3 minutes without movement.

Easy to install

Replace the normal battery of the key with Sleeping Battery and your car is protected against Relay Attack.

Sleep mode

The built-in motion sensor puts the key in sleep mode after 3 minutes without movement.

Turns off the signal

Because the key goes into sleep mode, no signal is sent to the car anymore.

No adjustments

No key or vehicle modifications required. All the conveniences of Keyless Entry are retained.

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For whom?

For car owners who want to protect their car against Relay Attack. Sleeping Battery is suitable for all cars with a Keyless Entry or Keyless Go system.

If the car key contains a 2032 or 2450 battery, you can use Sleeping Battery to secure your vehicle.

Note: Not only expensive and new cars are stolen. The somewhat older middle classes are also popular among criminals. These are regularly stolen or emptied for parts such as airbags and navigation systems.

Would you like to know whether your car can be secured with Sleeping Battery?


Is your car equipped with a Keyless Entry system?


Does your car key have a 2032 or 2450 battery?

If you can answer "yes" to both of the above questions, then you can secure your car with Sleeping Battery! Are you unsure or do you have questions? Send us an e-mail with your license plate and chassis number to . We are happy to help you!

Simple and efficient

My key in a can (which I often forgot) is no longer needed. Sleeping Battery is a simple but very efficient solution!

John, Netherlands

Good initiative, keep thieves out of your car

Easy to install and it gives a nice feeling that my car is well secured.

Andrew, Netherlands

Great product!

I am very satisfied with Sleeping Battery. I don't notice anything in the daily use of my car key.

Edwin, Netherlands

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