Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Sleeping Battery has an integrated motion sensor.

If the key does not move for 3 minutes, the motion sensor will put the battery into sleep mode. As a result, the key no longer emits a signal and a relay attack is no longer possible.

How does it work

Sleeping Battery is an extremely simple and effective solution. Simply swap out your car key battery for a sleep battery and your car is safe from relay attacks.

You will not notice the daily use of your car key and all the convenience of the keyless entry system will remain. You no longer have to worry about where and how to store your car key. Put down the key and after 3 minutes it will automatically go into sleep mode.


Is the Sleeping Battery suitable for all keyless models that have a 2032 or 2450 battery in the key? Does your car key have a 2032 or 2450 battery? Then you can protect your car from relay attacks with a sleep battery.

Surely. There are several motorcycle models with a keyless system on the market. These models are vulnerable to relay attacks and can be protected with a sleep battery.

The sleep battery is sold per 2 pieces. This allows you to protect the master and spare key.

The battery

The sleep battery lasts as long as a normal battery with normal use. With proper use, the battery can last longer.

Leave your car keys on your desk during the day or keep them in your purse or jacket pocket. Make sure that the key can go into sleep mode, the battery then consumes almost no power. Do not keep the key in your pocket, otherwise the battery will not be able to enter sleep mode. You are then not protected and the battery consumes more power.

Just like with a normal battery, it is difficult to predict exactly how long the battery will last as it depends heavily on the make and model of the car. One make and model communicates more with the key than the other, which has a big impact on battery life.

No, the sleep battery is not rechargeable. When the battery dies, it must be replaced with a new sleep battery.

When the sleep battery runs out, a new sleep battery needs to be installed. Parts cannot be reused.

Currently, the 2032 and 2450 Sleeping Battery variants are available. This type of battery is used in 90% of car keys.

No. The motion sensor is sensitive. Normal movement of the car, driver and passengers are enough to keep the key active.


Installing the sleep battery is very simple. All you have to do is swap the normal 2032 battery for a sleep battery and your car is safe!

to install

Most car manufacturers will explain how to replace the battery in your car key in your car's owner's manual. Follow these instructions and installing the Sleeping Battery will be a breeze.



We ship your order within 24 hours. Depending on how busy the delivery service is, it may take 1-2 working days for you to receive your order.

Yes. After we have shipped your order, you will receive a Track & Trace code via email, which you can use to track your order.

NO. Your package will be delivered to the mailbox.

KIWA/SCM certification

Sleeping Battery has been certified by KIWA Netherlands.

Sleeping Battery is certified for use as an additional measure against relay attacks.

So you buy a quality product that has been extensively tested.

KIWA is a leading European specialist for quality testing, product, environmental and system certification and services in the field of environmental protection.

Read more about KIWA


You can easily test this. Place the key on a firm and stable surface next to your car. Wait at least 5 minutes and see if you can open the car using the keyless system.

Will the car open? Then your key is not secured.

Doesn't the car open? Then your key already has a built-in motion sensor.